Sam Kerr



Performer / Theatre Maker With interest in immersive or interactive theatre

I was nine years old when I had my motor bike accident and I unfortunately lost my Dad during this accident. I am now 24 and use a powered wheelchair to get around.

I attended South Fremantle SHS until 17 and then Hamilton SHS and at the same time worked at the Biscuit Factory in South Fremantle.

My mum got me involved in DADAA when I was 18 to keep me out of trouble and I hooked into visual art straight away.

I have a lot to say and began my performance development when I was 20 with mentor, Bonnie Davies in 2012/2013. My work with Bonnie culminated in a performance as part of Sight Unseen at the State Theatre Centre of WA in mid 2013. This performance included a short film: This film was exhibited as part of SMALL WORLD at LEVEL (UK) in October 2014.

In 2014 I worked on ROOM, a digital research and development project with DADAA funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.

ROOM gave me a great opportunity to play with words, music and movement. Works included, ‘Word Poetry #1, #2, #3’, ‘Dear Betty’ and ‘Space Sculpture’.                I AM…, ROOM, 2014                ROOM Process EDIT, ROOM, 2014

Also in 2014 I started a T-shirt business, Drunken Duck, with my artworks. This business is currently on hold.

In 2015 and 2016 I participated as a performer, writer and musician on a DADAA/HYDRA POESIS project, Digital Dialogues. One of the works I collaborated on was focused on dance, text and messaging:   TEXT ART, DIGITAL DIALOGUES, 2015

I also contributed access advice to Pony Express for their work, ECO SEXUAL BATHOUSE.

My goal this year is to give out more than I receive and to develop an interactive performance work for FRINGE 2018. I plan to do this through an Australia Council funded project, MIXED REALITY (DADAA).

The workshop with Jenny Sealey will help me gain skills to develop new works, meet and collaborate with other artists and lead younger disabled artists who are beginning their journey as I did six years ago.