Bridget Le May



Theatre Director and Performance Maker. Hilton, WA

I am a Perth based theatre director and performance maker. I am interested in creating work that dissolves boundaries between audience and ensemble. My most recent work EDGE brought together a short script, actors, a director and an audience to create theatre collaboratively. The show looked at immersive ways to view performance and generating new contexts live for a script. I moved from a background in film to directly explore the connection of bodies experiencing work in a room.

My work has begun to explore connectivity but has not yet to explored truly inclusive accessibility. I see this as a gap in my practice. The opportunity to participate in a process that can expand my knowledge and creativity around access would be incredibly valuable. To make access an intrinsic part of why a show is engaging seems both logical and challenging. A residency like this would have a huge effect on the development of my practice as I continue to learn how to communicate and tell stories that connect people.

I have a personal association with Sarah Kane’s 4:48 Psychosis. Both my mother and my little sister have schizophrenia. My sister coincidentally performed in this play about a year before her first psychotic episode. She now lives with me and initially I took on a role as a carer. Looking at this work and its themes would be personally powerful for me, but I believe it is important when working in such a close and focused environment that these associations are transparent.