Pony Horseman



Interdisciplinary Artist and Classical Soprano

My name is Pony Horseman, I identify as disabled, transgender (non-binary), fat and pansexual. I am an interdisciplinary artist. I work through sound/vocal performance/experimental composition/performance art/music/visual/ poetry/costume and fashion/modelling /installation, and theatre.

Conceptually my work aims to subvert dominant culture, by not waiting for permission to take up space in disciplines and practices that are reserved for the most privileged. I am about asking how individuals they want to be seen vs. how they are read by the dominant culture, usually as “other”.

I have been involved with Access2Arts as an artist in workshops, forums and in training over the past 3 years, including Audio Description Training.

I currently work part-time as Creative Project Assistant on SNDCLSH, an accessible sound and visual workshop/mentorship. I am dedicated to incorporating access into the core of my work, by asking individuals what they need, bringing awareness about a social model of disability in arts communities I am part of, and challenging aesthetics and ideas of beauty.

I recently facilitated what could be described as a fashion show called Dressage, which included a range by me and 6 other designers, including disabled, queer and transgender. I worked with artists that identified as trans, fat and disabled to model clothing in an equestrian dressage routine. I am currently establishing a board to subvert the idea of modelling called Business Model Collective made up of gender diverse, fat and disabled artists and arts workers and working towards representation in the New Adelaide Fashion Festival, being planned by local artists and designers.

I am interested in being part of this residency as I am passionate about performance, access and vulnerability as strength. I believe in a “nothing about us, without us approach” and want to support and build relationships through conversation and collaboration.