Matt Shilcock



Movement and Dance Artist

My name is Matt Shilcock, I am a dance and movement artist living in Adelaide South Australia. I live with a physical disability, access (whether it be for myself or for other viewing my work) is of particular interest to me.

I have trained in audio description (through Willie Elliot of Graeae), learned basic level AUSLAN throughout my schooling (although I am currently out of practice) and I have had experience in creating most digital media forms (animation, film, sound, etc.).

I am current in the process of emerging from performer to maker. I would like to make work that is accessible to everyone, but it is a huge strain on me to personally Audio Describe, Close Caption and what ever else all of my content. Especially when I am trying to also create and produce that said content.

My biggest interest in this workshop, or rather what I would like to learn, is:

  • How can I, as an independent dance maker, incorporate accessibility into my work seamlessly?
  • What are some of the considerations I need to make and what are some strategies to keep thoseconsiderations in the front of my mind?
  • What are some ways I can improve access if I am working with limited resources (money, time,personal energy, etc)?As an artist living with a disability and creating inclusive and integrated work, I feel I cannot afford to drop the ball on accessibility. Attending this residency would have a crucial impact on my career and the future of the work I create.