Tall Smile:Day One

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Mar 032017

The patience of the group, the space they give each person to communicate, the concentration and attempts to understand each other is one of the most powerful experiences to be a part of on day one. Never have I seen such a large group listen to each other in that way.

I now have a sign name – arms stretching up from my chest to the ceiling. Each person in the group, if they didn’t have a sign name already, created one. Mine was nicknamed ‘tall smile’. It was our introduction to each other and now I know everyone’s sign better than I know their name. It spoke volumes to be about the link between movement / body and identity.

Mapping sound and emotion

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Mar 042017

Elizabeth looking at Pony and smiling

Day two I felt I relaxed more into the group and the exercises we were given. We were given time and space to think about who we are: a question that is both frightening and exciting to ask.

I created a work with Pony who was so lovely to work with that my cheeks hurt from laughing. We used audio description as part of our performance as we abstractly conversed about who we are by mapping sounds and emotions over our body.

There is no question about the importance of accessibility and the need to have an AUSLAN interpreters or audio description as soon as you have someone who is deaf and vision impaired in the group. Every time I make a new work now I will be asking myself ‘will Sarah or Peter want to come this show/exhibition?’

Day 3: a celebration

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Mar 052017

Day three was a celebration. I felt I had grown in confidence and chatted with more of the group. These interactions and conversations over tea break and lunch I hope will continue because they have been just as important to me as the residency itself.

This group of artists, who are incredible in their own right, taught me what it looks like to listen, to help without being patronizing, to have fun, to be proud of who we are. I hope as we go our separate ways we continue this conversation, continue encouraging each other to make brilliant accessible work, continue to be friends.