Scott Wright



Scott Wright has been the artistic director of Sydney based performance company erth-visual and physical for the last 26 years, driving the company creatively to become a high profile and much sought after company for it’s puppetry based theatrical productions and innovative community projects. He has directed most of Erth’s productions which have in the past several years received considerable international recognition with shows touring all year round in UK, USA, ASIA and back home in Australia,. Erth has been featured in all of the Australian major arts festivals, with numerous national regional tours while building healthy on going relationships with venues everywhere.

Scott’s personal interests in natural history, indigenous folklore, sociology and urban mythology have become the major themes of erth’s work, Interrogation of the outsider within story telling as well as social interaction feature also witbin scott’s work.

For the past 5 years scott has been working with his mentor chiara guidi and her brave and unbridled work for/with children, creating jack and the beanstalk and developing a new work with her in cessena ,italy . terra de lombrichi ( land of the earth worms )

As a director and performer scott’s inspiration came early and pursued a career in the arts, training and working as dancer/choreographer for 3 years before founding erth in ballarat victoria in 1990

Scott is currently developing several new works including birdfoxmonster a multi sensory art work ,created in collaboration with several artists with varying degrees of mental disability. Grendel a work based on the ancient story of Beowulf but told from the perspective of the beast grendel with whom beowulf battles with and Ark an investigation into endangered and extinct animal and creating profound experience for the individual

Scott Wright is the Artistic Director of ERTH Visual and Physical Inc. ERTH creates site-specific productions using installation and performance-based methods including circus, inflatables, aerial techniques and the construction and use of large-scale puppets,