Mar 042017

and pondering on things that I do not know and need to ask some people…
As a theatre maker my job is to manipulate the audience, to make them feel different things to take them on a journey. And I use different techniques to make you feel different ways, I use visual images, I use sounds, I use text, I use acting (as in the way we say text).

As someone who is visually impaired do you want to imagine what is visually happening or is it ok to just hear things that will take you on the same journey at the same time? 

If you are deaf do you want to be imagining sound or just visually see the same journey? 

I want to find more detail on how I can manipulate and communicate things, how do I make a voice feel isolated, How do I put a happy underscore on a image or sequence? 

How can I use juxtaposition? Does a description make for the juxtaposition. What alternative methods, sensory things can I effect with juxtaposition. eg. Delivery of text vs text. Text vs Underscore. Movement vs set. 

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