Freckly Cheeky

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Mar 032017

Mid-shot of Eva facing camera using her name sign, FRECKLY CHEEKY with hands played on either side of her face.

I was awake for 22 hours and then only 4 hours sleep before Day 1 of Jenny Sealey’s workshop.

I LOVED Name Sign. Are name signs usually given to you? I just loved it because it just came down like a shaft of light from heaven…laaa…Eva this is your name….FRECKLY CHEEKY!

Our group in expressing love through our signs was extremely energetic. There was a lot of compassion coming through. I felt that we were all propping each other up on the journey. Holding hands with each other and encouraging each other.

I was in pairs with Matt from Adelaide which was lovely as he reminded me that we met at Interwork. He’s a lovely lovely lovely man. I was just looking at his body yesterday. It’s beautiful.

I was just so struck by the absolute joy held for each other’s difference but also in the combined and comparative journeys of everyone.

The opportunity to do offerings such as this with my peers solidifies our standing as being at the cutting edge of disability arts in Australia and this offers us the opportunity to broaden our vision of how we work.

Patterns of being human

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Mar 052017
Our three days of joyous artistry ended with pieces asking me to step back in reflection of their import. I immediately realised the need to deeply consider and to replay the course of mini miracles through my memory lest they slip away.

Such angst! Such need! The purest pleas for understanding struck at my heart.


Here though, is the awareness that I may be superimposing my own processes on the recalling. Fatigue and the distraction resulting from so many wild ideas in a small space caused my sudden unravelling whilst the group I belonged to formed the structure of the performance. I am grateful for a compassionate cohort. Softness of approach and willingness to accommodate allowed the piece to take full shape. With barely time for a run-through, we were on, our showing reflecting the waves of emotion experienced by all. Then we were off, watching the other journeys unfurl.
With elements of Psychosis on flagrant display, tension and probing questioning littered the scripts as each group of performers brought together their individual musings into collectively unique work. Such diverse characters were represented in the choice of artists with each their own experiences and struggles, each their own questing and discoveries. Each gave their all in a very limited time to offer stories of identity textured with the patterns of being human.