I am because you are . . .

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Apr 202017


Jenny Sealey spoke about why she places great importance on us as artists creating and controlling the description of our own physicality.

 While the residency focused on Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis, it was this concept of creating and controlling our descriptions that threaded through, and informed all our actions, processes, outcomes.

 We took time out to study ourselves, to think, to feel, to articulate. We worked individually and we worked together, exploring various tools of description, drawing portraits of each other, making body maps, writing, devising and performing work.

 We listened, we spoke, bounced ideas off each other, improvised. There was no time to polish. No place for self-conscious dithering. We were drawing on a huge range of impressive experience and talent. We were figuring out how to respect each other’s descriptions, carry them, translate and interpret them to ensure we were interconnecting.

 It was raw and emotional, vulnerable, powerful.  It was human. There is a saying from Botswana which applies to how this wonderful residency has made me feel –  Motho ke motho ka batho meaning a person is a person because of people –  I am because you are.